Gonna take a sentimental journey

On Wednesday evening I will set off on my journey to South Africa.  A country I feel connected to and yet have never seen.  I expect to experience an instant recognition of my parents’ hometown, partly from inherited memories, imprinted on my DNA ( I do believe in this no matter how fanciful it might seem to others) and partly from the stories I was told as a child.  My mother had talked of South Africa most days.  She cried most days.  I started out loving to hear her talk of her beloved father and her comfortable, happy childhood, but by the time I was in my late teens, and realised that my mother had not lived in my present, but took me to her past instead, I started to feel resentful and slightly irritated by her stories.  I wanted to know my family first hand or not at all.




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  1. bekasjournal says:

    Interesting name for your blog


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